Misuse of Power

Dear Mr. President, We are 60 year old great-grandparents from Louisiana that voted for you and we are not ashamed to be Americans. My husband and I come from a long line of military.I believe in this great country with all my heart but a terrible injustice has come upon my Grandaughter and her husband. Their names are William M. Virril Jr. and Courtney Virril. William is stationed at Fort Campbell, KY. They have bought a home in Clarksville, TN. William came home from Irag the first of the year to see his second child born, Antonio L. Virril. They started planning to go to San Antonio to introduce little Tony to grandparents in June 2011. His grandfather and our son is Cory D. Trahan and served 10 years in the 82nd Airborne. William's father William Michael Virrill, Sr. is retired military. Before leaving Tennessee for San Antonio William tripped and fell while carrying his small five month old son. After trying to protect him and landing on his back with baby under his arm and scared to death. Little Tony did not seem to be hurt and no blood,or bruising and he was not crying, they decided to take him the next day to his peditrician. They were told maybe his little arm slipped out of socket but possibly went back in place. Being young they decided to make the long trip to San Antonio, TX. after arriving at the Trahans home and telling their story to their parents at the bidding of Cory Trahan they took him to be checked out at the ER because his arm looked a little swollen. An orthopedic was called in and the parents were told his arm had a compression fracture. The hospital reported the incident to Child Protection Services. For over a week CPS never checked on them and then all of a sudden appeared at William's mother home in Live Oak, Texas where they were all staying, with papers and removed the children while two young people begging them to not take their children. There was two sets of grandparents that were more than willing to keep the children, Cheyenne 21 months old and Antonio 5 months old while they investigated William and Courtney. William and Courtney have not seen or talked to their children since June 16, 2011.They do not know where they are. The parents are going crazy with grief. Court date is set for June 28, 2011. Can someone from the military please help this young couple? William fights for our country as a med vac picking up the enemy's children so how could anyone think he would hurt his children. This was the first instance with them. Please help them!! Sincerley, David & Edith Trahan .