LOVE your brother !!! Live in correct relationship !!!

Dear President Obama: Why is t so difficult to live in correct relationship? At the moment we do not do this because circumstances largely prevent it - our governments do not act in correct relatioship. We attack each other, we defend ourselves, we put millions fo dollars into armaments of all kinds to threaten each other, we make wars, we have competitive economic structures based on market forces, that is based on greed - those with the money get more, those without the money have to do with little. Those with power can impose their will on others - all that is wrong relationship. If governments do this the people do it and this creates the quality of the personality of the nation, the day-to-day ambience in which we live.                                                                                                                             Of course every one is trying to do their best but we cannot because all around is competition, selfishness and greed. We are caught up in making a living, we think that more money will make it easier and therefore we strive, and so on. (There are exceptions - I am generalizing.) In this way we are really negating, ignoring completely, our divine nature. The divine Plan is that humanity should live in harmony - harmony is God"s will for the world, but there is no harmony everywhere. It does not happen by itself. Most people I know who are devotees - of Jesus, the Virgin or the Saints - are devotees to the idea of God. They think that just being a devotee is enough. They have the notion that because they feel love, harmony, because they like, maybe even love, their fellow human beings - until they come too close, impinge too much, or want something - they have a general attitude of goodwill to humanity. That is fine, but it does not chamge the structures.                                              It is said very clearly: Nothing happens by itself. Man must act and implement HIS will. It is no good just sitting at the lotus feet of the guru, thinking that the guru, the teacher or God will do it all - God can only work through agencies. You have to become an agent of God and put it into effect in your own life. When you do that something very definite happens.You find you are a member of a very large group thoughout the world who feel the same way, have the same ideals of harmony, justice, right relationships. When enough people feel this and act things change                                                                                                       That is what has happend in the Eastern bloc. Why do you think the Berlin Wall is no more? Because the people in Germany suddenly responded to the energy which they felt in them to demand freedom and right relationship; right relationship is freedom. They want liberty, freedom, an opportunity to express that which they are. Therefore, they pulled down the Berlin Wall and united East and West Germany 30 years before anyone thought it possible. That is action taken by people on their own behalf. The same thing happened throughout all the old Soviet bloc.