Healthcare Costs AFTER Insurance ARE BANKRUPTING ME!

Dear President Barack Obama,
I am writing you with deep concern for out health care system, I have insurance and was recently hospitalized I was in a semi-private room with another man who had no insurance other than medicaid and we were talking and to my surprise he had no co payments to make on either for hospital care or co payments for medicine, as for myself I have both.

I had colon cancer this time last year and I am recovering very well. In December 2011, I was in the hospital for a blood clot due to the cancer and a third time for hypertension and a chronic back problem. I am in debt to the hospitals and doctors so much I can't pay the bills left over that my insurance will not pay.

My credit rating is going to be ruined and I may lose everything. I only live on Social Security Disability benefits with thousands of bills to pay I don't know how I will make it, my income is only about $1500.00 how can I pay and live, buy food and shelter?

While the other man I mentioned in the beginning of this letter has nothing to pay and all his bills are covered–this isn't right! To get sick even with insurance and lose everything that you accumulated in your life and ruin your credit score because you were unfortunate and became sick it just isn't right!

Mr. President please help me...........