HAMP Modification is not working-My family needs help!

Dear President Obama,

I am an average middle class citizen that used to make a six figure income. My husband became ill many years ago and requires monthly infusions. This put our family in a serious cut-back mode.

Our mortgage is through GMAC and we only owe approximately $160,000.

When we took out our mortgage we were doing really well and selected a 15 year mortgage with a 4.375% interest rate. Our payments are close to 4,000.00 a month.

Up until a few years ago we would pay up to double our payment to pay down principle and we were NEVER late. Then a couple of years ago I became ill and had to go out on disability with my company after working 23 years with perfect attendance.

We have three boys 6, 9 and 11. We have been struggling and I have gone through every bit of my savings and retirement. On top of all this my mother had a stroke, laid on the floor for three days because my father did not know to call 911 because of alzheimer disease and finally she got medical assistance. This happened May 2011.

Then a few months ago my husband was in a horrible accident and basically crushed his whole left side of his body. He was in VCU Trauma unit for over a week and it took 5 surgeons 8 hours to operate on him. Now my husband is dealing with this recovery on top of his other illness. He will not be able to walk for close to a year.

With all of this said and indicating all savings and retirement exhausted we had to take out an equity line 4 years ago to keep our heads above water. The equity line payment is approximately $1600.00 a month and it is through Bank of America.

My main cause for this reaching out to you is that I have been trying for a year now to get a HAMP approved through GMAC. They first said they did not get all the forms, then its been too many days you need to resubmit...... I am above upset, frustrated and at the end of my rope. I have been trying so hard and they are telling me now my DTI is too high to be approved. I asked them what is my total income? It is approximately $4,000. What are my mortgage payments on just my main loan $3600. How am I making to much to warrant assistance? Something is wrong I said. Their answer is they have to go by what the computer calculates. I asked what if it was input incorrectly? Then I am advised to reapply again.

Without this help our family loses our home and it is not fair and it is so emotionally stressful I can't even begin to explain. Being ill myself, caregiver for my mom, my dad with alzheimer disease, my husband and my three boys it is so hard.. I keep saying it is all ok we are all still here, but it still hurts when you come home to no electricity or not enough for food. I am a very strong person and my husband has seen me cry 1 time in our marriage. Not lately-I am failing and failing hard and fast.

If I could get into a longer mortgage plan with a lower interest rate and get it down to $1000 or under on a $160.000 we could make things work.

If our Bank of America was reduced any would help.

We are scared. We have all three of our boys VPEP paid in full and that is our only other source of income and do not want to cash those in because if we do they will not have funding for college.
The other thing is our home is tax estimated value right at 1.9 million. We can't sell out home because of the market;peop[e want to steal it from you. As well I can't keep it straight enough to market with all I am doing.

We need help please! I know you implemented mortgage assistance but GMAC is not adhereing to offering assistance to who qualifies. They say there are other programs while putting your home into a foreclosure mode and making us beg and borrow to stop foreclosure. That has happened three times and then they add on all these bank and attorney fees in addition to our mortgage. I could see if we had always been bad customers but we paid our mortgage on time, double pays for at least 7 years of a 15 year mortgage. My mortgage before that for 12 years there were never any late payments.

Bank of America I have not worked as hard on but I still am being put aside. .

PLEASE HELP or direct us in a direction that can!