Georgia Power

Mr President:

We are seeking help in our fight against Georgia Power's unfair billing practices.

Georgia Power is worse than the credit card companies. We are experiencing financial difficulties as many other Americans. I have a child with a life-threatening respiratory disease, and a disabled elderly family member. Due to excessive medical and other bills, we missed the payment date for our electricity bill several months. However, we would make the payment plus the late fee. Georgia Power keeps charging an additional $150 to our bill, and calls it security deposit. We contacted Georgia Power with a doctors letter which explained that we have a child with a serious lung disease in the home. The agent paid no attention to the letter, but give us a month to pay the balance. We do not owe Georgia Power for the energy used, but with their tacking on $150 to the bill at their whim and fancy, it makes a hard situation impossible. If a customer finds it difficult to pay a $200 electricity bill ontime, how would that customer be able to pay $350. The choice Georgia Power has given us, is to pay those excessive deposits and keep our electric service while being unable to pay for medication, and feed our child, or don't pay the extra fees and endanger our child's health from lack of air conditioning in our home.

Georgia Power should not be allowed to attach those unfair deposits to customers bills. Further more, the deposits are never refunded unless you terminate services with the company. Therefore, they are holding poor people's money without paying interest. Also, if you never move from your home and community, you will never receive your money back. Credit companies are allowed a late fee, but not deposits when someone makes a late payment. How is it fair that Georgia Power is allowed to rob customers by charging deposits over and over again. Even if they charge a deposit, it should just be a one time deposit.

Please investigate Georgia Power's deposit policies, and help families like us, who are doing the best we can, and not only struggling to pay bills, but to keep ill family members alive. We could loose a young child, and an elderly parent due to Georgia Power's lack of concern for customers, and unfair billing practices.