Complaint against US Embassy regarding tourist visa

Dear President Barack Obama:

I want to complaint against your US Embassy in Mumbai as we had applied for a tourist visa thrice and they have rejected it thrice giving the same reason: that you will settle in US . Without seeing any documents that we had took with us to confirm that we will be back after spending few days . Sir we are well settled in India and we don't want to settle in US our purpose visit to spend some quality time with our kids and one of our family member who is the citizen of US. Every time my two little kids get very disappointed as the want to see their cousin's house and this time we had applied through the Raj Travels to confirm your embassy that we are coming back to India. Sir we don't want to settle in any other country accept India, but we have heard of many beautiful cities and specially Orlando. So only once in our lifetime we want to visit to that city for our kids. There is no intention to settle in US you can issue us visa only for one month, we don't want to stay more than one month in US. Sir please consider my request.

With Regards