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Budget Cuts

Budget Cuts

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Dear Mr. President,

I voted for you in 2012 and would like to do so again this year.  You are making my decision very difficult!  I am in the top tax bracket and don't have a problem with giving back the 2% tax cut. In exchange I would like to see you stand up to the plate and make serious progress on budget cuts.  There is too much waste in every department and every Congressman is more interested in re-election than a balanced budget. I was taught that you don't spend more than you have. I fear for our country when the government sets an example of overspending that trickles down to families.  

My 3 simple suggestions would be:

1. the unemployed to do some sort of civic work to "earn" their unemployment compensation,

2. cut some overseas military bases,

3. NO earmarks on Congressional bills.

Thank you and PLEASE, no more unaffordable programs.