Are we the next Yugoslavia?

Dear Mr. President, My concern is that our country will repeat the defeat suffered by the USSR and Alexander the Great in Afghanistan. The collapse of the Soviet Union was not engineered by President Reagan. It collapsed when the people no longer believed their government cared about them. When the people realized that political leaders were ineffective they relied on their local black market to continue living but without the ties to a figurehead government. This country's addiction to oil has us sending men and women to fight abroad with an every increasing price. This economy is facing an even greater collapse because we have done NOTHING to address our addiction to a commodity that has peaked. The 2% of the population that runs this country will find they have destroyed the value of the American dollar and the real people in charge will be similar to the drug cartels on our southern border. Get us out of Afghanistan. Stop the military industrial complex from bringing us to the dissolution of our country. Perhaps if California became it's own country and no longer sent money to D.C. other states would follow, Yugoslavia-style.