Airlines Prices & Bereavement

Dear President Obama, I am writing you in regards to airlines prices for emergency situations. Unfortunately, I just lost a brother on December 15. I know that it is the holidays but why is it that some airlines don't offer bereavement prices? If they do the prices are still high. I know that you may not regulate what prices these companies charge, but typically when an emergency happens like this one cannot afford to pay $600 for a plane ticket. I am really cannot believe that in airlines don't offer such prices. The companies can offer cheap fares for getting a credit card or going on a quick vacation but not for emergency flights. A fare going to Dominican Republic is cheaper than going to New York. I don't know. I just feel like there are no options. On top of trying to pay for a funeral my family has to pay hundreds of dollars in plane tickets. Please do something about this!! Thank you, Melendy Bellevue