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Why this is important

Why this is important

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Dear Mr. President Obama,
My great spiritual teacher taught me love,peace and happiness. ,who am I, and what am I doing in this world, he answered a lot of my questions about the world and human.At this time his life is in Danger of Execution!!! I need One Million signature.... Please Help me to get it. I am asking you because you are a President of United State and you can do it.
Thank you
Adeleh R.

or you can go to allofusfound.com and sign it.

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MOHAMMAD ALI TAHERI, present day spiritual leader and exceptional scholar, has been wrongfully accused and imprisoned since May 2011 on false grounds and without giving the right to consult a lawyer and certainly without a fair trial.

He is the founder of a Persian alternative medicine that focuses on mind, body and soul who has been awarded six honorary doctorate degrees and other honorary awards in various countries.

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