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Psychiatry clinics

Psychiatry clinics

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Dear Barack Obama
I am writing from Georgia (the country). In 2008 I was in White Plains (New York) I studied at Manhattanville College there. Not to waste your time because of my young age I tried there LSD and somehow I ended up in NEW YORK PRESBYTERIAN hospital in White Plains in the place called “haven”. I had my psychiatrist DR.MICHAEL MCLNTOSH. I am writing this letter because those 2 months there and what was going there was hell for me. They did experiments on me, and I am innocent person. And when I am saying experiments- I mean I was a normal guy, normal student from Georgia, and by the end of those 2 months I was ready to kill anybody for Mr.Obama. When I looked in mirror at dark I was seeing your face. I felt myself as a soldier who would commit suicide or do anything if it was necessary for Barack Obama or USA. They didn’t let me go until my mother flew from Moscow and Georgian consul interfered. Mr.MCLNTOSH couldn’t say the reason why they didn’t let me go. I didn’t even have the diagnosis. The funniest part is that in 1 week after I came back to Georgia, I wasn’t afraid of anybody anymore and I continued my life. So, later I moved to Paris and I studied there, but my health and psychological condition wasn’t good. I remembered what they were doing with me in this hospital and 2 times I had to come back to Georgia and to be the resident of local hospitals. They broke my life. Even now I have to take pills- Risperidon. I don’t know why, and I don’t know what they were doing with me, I guess it’s just a secret national strategy for creating robots, or soldiers, or spy, or killers, I don’t know what the hell was it, but I am sure you as a president of USA have to know what’s going on in your hospitals and what they are doing with international students, innocent children, they just make experiments. My whole life is broken and I don’t have money to sue this hospital or Mr.Mcltosh, that’s why I am writing to you from Tbilisi. I am sure your administration will never show you this letter, but whatever it is GOD is watching everybody. And the purpose of this letter is to have response on the question- WHY Do you do it to innocent people? And will anybody ever compensate me this 2 months of hell that influenced my whole life.
I know that even if you understand my pain you will not be able to response. It sounds silly but I will give you my bank account. Hope you will respond.

ACCOUNT: GE66BG0000000191766100USD
Name: Irakli Gulua