Mothers who stay home to raise their children need compensation

I was married 18 years and raised my disabled child. I was a mother, a teacher, a cook, a nurse, on call 24hour-7. I have been divorced now for 39 years and looking forward to retirement. My concern is while I took care of my child my husband worked and was putting money away his social security benefits. Because I was a stay at home mom I received nothing. After 18 years of working his social security benefit is 2400.00 a month. Mine is 1500.00 on his benefit and I did not work as many years as he did.
Now, if you remarry according to social security you are NOT entitled to your ex's benefit at all! This is wrong! So I never remarried. I should have the right to remarry and still get my social security benefit!
I propose for a solution.
1. After being married 18 years the women has the right to remarry and still get her husbands benefit no matter what.
2. In my case my son is 35 years old and is disabled. All of his care and activities of daily living are dependent on me. My ex has disowned my son because he is disabled, and feels he owes my son nothing so everything falls on me. I think in this situation there needs to be some protection for my son and his future needs. I am 65 and I have health problems. What happens in the future when I can't take care of him or myself any longer...who will take care of us? I have no family.
3. There needs to be an organization that recognizes these issues, that women face day to day. Where women can talk to an advocate and to help her find the right solutions for these kind of problems.
I am scared. Who can live on 1500.00 a month? And the republicans are going to lower Social Security benefits! They should be ashamed of themselves!
Today 2016 women are still waiting for equal pay. Someone needs to stand up and help women. I guess I'm just a dreamer. I don't think things will change in my lifetime because nobody cares!