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Can We Save Our Children!

Can We Save Our Children!

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Yesterday my heart was broken by a twelve year old child. You see he used to be an A – B student but now he has to go to summer school because since he moved in a hotel he is unmotivated and his self-esteem is non-existent.

I am working with his mom to obtain permanent housing but how do I get this child back to the boy who loved school in his rural hometown. When will we see that housing is not an option but a right. Healthy food and good nutrition is a right. Equal education for academics and technical training is a right. America cannot succeed, we as a people cannot succeed if we do not take care of the least of our population.

So, I am coming to you because this child and countless others are living in hotels like it is permanent housing, eating processed snack foods or no food at all, and forced to stay in a 12 X 12 room all day so their family won’t get kicked out by code enforcement. This is cruel for anyone to live this way, much less a child. These children are crying out to you for they cannot focus on education if they have no bed, grades are not important if they have no food and excellence in education is but a dream if they lose their hope.

Please help me help them!