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covered california health plan

Im not a working woman only my husband work.we have six kids.4from my prevoius 2with my husband now.On the 1st year of Obamacare i did apply and and my kids qualify for medi-cal it was good because it helps us a little bit.That 2014.When incomes tax filling we where expecting that we can get refund.just we does every before Obamacare but this time we were paying IRS.So where like broke not enoug money to get by every month.When 2015 it time to renew my Covered California i was late but i still made it to get the deadline which renew February to get covered by March and i did that i send my my 1st premium paid .I did called Covered california to change our income and renew my application.And then after that i choosesd my health plan which is Kaiser i submitted So ican get covered.So ok thats done.When I called covered california to make i was covered and they say Yes I have insurance.So i went to see my doctor get everything physical things like that.But when i got sick i make and appoinment with my doctor slide my ID card they said they i dont have a file ,im not in the system But ive been paying my Premium every month .to make the long story short ive been calling covered california and kaiser for months back and fortht to see whats going .covered california didnt get my renewal sent to kaiser so that what they back Covered california and kaiser.i wrote all the calls that i make nothing happen i file a complaint i didnt get any respond.until i go online to see whats going on the kaiser side I cant login so i called them i was told that my kaiser is terminated for 2015 i paid my premium till August 2015 i never recieved a letter for cancelling my account.Kaiser been telling me that I just need to pay my premium while there system get my file from covered california.So i got tired of it all dealing with them every month ,weeks you name it I did that.I never get the coverage.SO now recieved the 1095-a form showing that the government paid part of my subsidy kaiser got paid .Few days ago I recieved a letter from Covered California that theres a change from the 1095-a form it says VOID it means that for the whole year 2015 i never was Covered I dont have insurance.I blame covered California for this now i get Finalized for not having insurance because of them.Why ive been funish for this I dont know what to do just like no one else out there that i can reach to HELP ME...So now for 2016 renewal its thesame thing happen.I renewed my apllication November 2015.So i need to send my 1st premium bec.Jan 1st.I sent my payment Dec.29.Of course Kaiser got it Jan 3rd 2016.But i never hear anything so i guesse everything was ok.I recieved a biling statement for February to pay my premium so i called and i was told that kaiser cancelled my insurance due to non-payment for premium i paid my it was just late due to hardship so i called kaiser i was told to call covered california and i did but i didnt get help there they cant reinstate me it has to be from kaiser.i did call kaiser and i was told they cant reinstated me because i was late for my payment.That was it I dont Have insurance again.I file a complaint to DMHC and it says within 30 days for review thats how long i have to wait for answer...I dont know where else to turn to for help .i dont even know what to do..Help PLS.IF only i can get answers from our President Obama How this happen to to me or is there anyone else besides me.Help us....Thank You...And now i dont know how to get back and get insurance bec i was told by Covered California to wait for the next open enrollment on November 2016.If i dont get insurance i will be finalized for this year again i cant afoord to get insurance that cheap outside i dont work my husband doenst make that much barely making it every month ...Thank you...How can i get help Just writing this letter....