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milwakee ,wi

I am a single mother , who raised two children though the 80's -2000 and not on one government penny , at 53 years old I work 60 hours plus ( 12.00 an hour) so I can have nice things and help raise a grandchild I never get to see due to working so hard. Yet there are people out there happy to work at Mc Donald's so they qualifie for all the give always as in free cell phones, heat, food and etc.. I can understand helping out for a few months to get on your feet , then your on your own, but when someone like me who is working 60 hours plus and then file for taxes and get nothing hardly back cause I worked the over time and put myself in a different tax bracket , really upset me and those like me ..if I had known all I had to do is have 5 kids , not care how my home looked ( on the outside) I to could wear nice cloths, drive expensive cars and not have my body hurt every morning I get up to go start my 13 hour day at work..Then they wonder why there is such a race thing going on here in this town. Sorry to say but In this town 80% of the government babies are the black/ Mexican race, they play the government game, and act as throw they deserver more and the poor me ..Both my children gradated high school , Son went into the Arm forces ( now semi driver ) and Daughter lives in Boston, works in Insurance law and has her own business on line. We all work hard but cant seem to get anywhere ? I feel if everyone would put in, we all would get back , instead of walking down Hwy I 94 and yelling get off the government money ( our money) gets jobs and you would have no time to get in trouble or to be wining about life that happen in the past ..what I want to know where is the help for us low middle class that are paying out our butts to give these people the easy life ? that's what dividing us, when you stand in line and see someone with two or three food share cards and am trying to make 30. last all week , its a real hard kick in the butt...