Internet for the low income

Dear President Barack Obama,

Yesterday, I telephoned my local internet provider (Comcast/Xfinity) and asked about the $9.99 a month internet service program. The agent I spoke with, tells me I don't qualify for this program because I am a customer to their company. That the policy is: only non customers or new customers to qualify for this program, I kept asking this agent why or what was the difference between me and the next low income person, that why should I keep paying their high prices; when I too fall within their low income bracket, I live on social security, my son goes to school and he also receives free lunch; why should I keep paying more when I have to alternate a bill every other month in order to pay for this service. He then just kept reading me the same policy and when I asked to speak with someone in higher authority to help explain the difference between me and the next low income person he kept reading and insisting on the the same thing and saying that it was company policy, I feel that the company is discriminating against all other low income people making some pay more than others. I figure, since you helped build this program for low income families that you could do something to fix this problem. I know this is not the most important matter in hand I'm sure, but I believe that since this is something that affects all children in low income homes that this should be up there somewhere in your list.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.