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American Strong

The Problem with america

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Greetings chief obama, and all of america

i hope you dont find this letter to be hard on america, but lets face it lets look at the facts, every president we have had has been a man to represent the usa,
this is to show the world we are strong,i can honestly say i did not like every president we had, i can also say every president has done the best job he
could under the conditions that he had to work under, and we dont know how hard these conditions where or are now.

a lot of people have problems running there own household, Do you think you can run an entire nation, even with a staff the oppositions are like you in
a small 100ft boat and every sea life form in the ocean is swiming to you for help and they all need something different, its not an easy job.
also americans need to start looking at the true problem, the united states congress not the president, congress are the ones who make or break us, laws
control jobs ect,,matter of fact many congress people have spent 40 plus years or moor getting rich makeing laws, tedd kennedy over 40 plus years, but he

did a good job, sorry he has passed away,as an example your family needs food there on a mountain with only one road, leading in an out, your trying
to get them meals but some nut keeps shuting down the only bridge in and out your folks are starving.everytime a president came up with a simple solution
that would work if congress did not like it bam it,got shut down,congress could put out millions of jobs daily if it wanted to, it does this in china so why should
america take a beating, for nothing its called sell out china companys are allowed to buy land and own it in america, they set up china owned companys

but hire american workers sounds good at first, but after they root in your wages get cut, and you will also be subject to china communist laws, china is
very bad on human rights laws, china is known for whipping folks to the death for even the smallest, disrespect china will invade america by buying up as
much land as possible then seattle folks from china on it, congress already sold america out, thats why george bush a president was ordered by congress
to decrease and lower the number of school aid, programs like grants loans scholarships,pell grants the lowering of american students accepted at colleges

the doubleing tuition rates and interest rates this is done out of fear,congress is looseing control of americans closed door meetings at congress as example
congress enforced the statement we need to dumb, down america, people are getting to dam smart, its getting harder to put the game on people.
congress has cash budgets for secreate projects with no spending limit, and the worst part is you are not told what that money is being used for,
the only reason they set up the internet was so every time you loged on they aren stealing and looking over all your information, they use a system called cloud
computing it links millions of computers online like one giant computer, gathering information to find things like cures for cancer or engineering reaserch.

there are a lot of good uses, but if abused you could loose everything you got from identity theafts on the rise, or your being spied on by congress
its not good enough that we where sold out but not only is our computers allways at risk, now congress wants robot drones flying around to look into our
bed rooms at night, this is the most disrespectfull thing to any one spying on some ones family to my knowledge no president ever signed any documents
that authorized the use of robots to spie on americans, but congress allowed this in other nations, we where at war with thats ok, but there are portions

of that bill that had other projects in mind, america, i am asking you to give all the presidents a dam break, you need to focus on what congress is doing
not the president, america we need a new congress we need new leaders who think in the best interest of the people, remember our founding fathers and
the words we, the people, no nation works with out people, we the people need leaders who will provide the basic needs, this is not being done to many
lost jobs to other nations that congress sold you out to we need a modern congress leaders with Phds with american interest in mind, congress was set
up to work for the american people,over 200 years ago today congress works for themselves i belive they have made deals with china to control

certain aspects of america like your job, and many products you buy,so congress can slip out the back door with all the money and start a new nation.
they dont want people to prosper for the good of america they just want a nation of dumb mindless slaves, there is a better side i can tell you to get
2 computers keep one for online work and emails dont keep important documents on this computer, the offline stand alone computer is where you want
all your important documents, and information, no one can steal this unless they break into your home.and get the computer.another thing you can do is

stop buying products stamped made in china, take some craft courses and learn how to make some of your own things, if you cant afford school librarys
are free they now stock courses on dvds, this is the reason library funding was cut, to dumb you down, learn all you can now before its to late because
they have a plan, why do you think legal gun owners stacked up on amunition, because congress cut down the production of amunition makeing it hard
for legal gun owners, you can have a collection of 1000 guns but with no bullets your guns are just rusty book ends, no guns no power, no moor
shootings of innocent folks either, but how you supposed to defend yourself the police can not be every place all the time i could say a lot moor america

do your home work look at congress slow to move slow to do stalling, we on vacation we at the golf course, we at a $20,000 per pate dinner, we
going fishing, we need personal,time we need a pay raise and you wonder why nothing gets done properly.before any american hammers down my letter
at least look into some of my claims, you may even finds some things i did not, god bless all our presidents they all have done the best they could.

Respectfully yours

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