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Thank you President Obama

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Mr President Obama, I want to thank you for taking action for those of us who really need jobs. I realize the sentate voted us down. I am sad about that and it makes me worried. However in the meantime I hope that you will continue by asking and hearing those people in the senate for their expressed view as to why they voted as they did and what they feel is better. Perhaps this is the best way to make the challenge open because our recession issue is becoming rampant enough to push honest, hard working people to the street and this hardly seems fair. As for the senate, perhaps they are doing well and only facing minor issues in relation to the economy and perhaps then it makes it easier for them to minimize how rough it is for the rest of us. Mr. President, I know you have a heart for Americans way of life and that we deserve for our own good to hear all view points leading to our nations recovery and from the senate. -James