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No Bailout Help For OCWEN Customers

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Dear President Barack Obama:

I pay my taxes. I pay my mortgage. I am triple upside down on my note. My house is now 200% undervalued. I do not qualify for any bailout programs to help homeowners stay in their home. I live in an OLD house (fixer-upper) that needs plumbing, electrical, and flooring just to live in but cannot afford to make any improvements. I have had twp loan modifications but no reduction in principal. The cherry on top is that LITTON sold my loan to OCWEN who immediately increased my monthly payment since taking over my loan. I can not afford the monthly mortgage and am MAD AS HELL I do not "qualify" for a loan modification. I was told that OCWEN doesn't "do principal reductions" they only process foreclosures.

I have always tried to do the right thing. Now I'm ready to walk away and let my neighborhood go to hell. Who is there for me when I am paying for bailouts for the banks, for the bad loan, and NOBODY is helping me?

You can have my house. I did my best to hang on. I did my best to help the California economy reverse the downward spiral and to keep my neighborhood from going to hell. The house next door recently sold for less than $100k. I owe almost $300k. I will borrow from my family to get into another house that is already completely remodeled for 1/3 of the cost of my house which most people would not live in.

OCWEN is not helping its customers stay in their homes. The only people I spoke to at OCWEN were citizens of India not the US. They are not accepting any short sales. They are only in business to process foreclosing.

There are websites dedicated to fighting OCWEN. We need YOUR help.

The Better Business Bureau is not helping. Will you? I voted for you. I plan to again. But I'm getting screwed coming and going here.

Thank you!



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Ocwen has taken advantage of my husband every since they acquired the loan. He modified in 2010, only to end up with a balloon payment in the end, as well as Ocwen tacked on additional reserves (an additional $300 extra) a month for property taxes, claiming it's there just in case we get behind! They were the ones paying the taxes out of our payment. Now we are behind because Ocwen arbitrarily changed the terms of the agreement & we couldn't afford the extra amount we never agreed to with their in-house modification. They refuse to give us a government modification even though a HUD counselor says we qualify for it! How can a lender get away with such predatory practices?! Something needs to be done about these thieves who play around with the securitized loans, conduct in robo-signing & the such. I don't think Ocwen even knows who the true, legitimate lender is on our home loan. It's time to call the media and file lawsuits!!

By TakeDownOcwen
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If you are getting the run around from your bank look up Amerihope Alliance in Ft Lauderdale Florida. I was at my wits end with my bank- I am a professional that was financially devastated by State roadwork and also a hard working tax paying citizen like yourself. Each time I had all my modification paperwork into the underwriters, the bank would transfer my loan and I would need to start over. I found our from a previous bank employee that these services get paid each time you apply around 3k of our tax money! After YEARS of this and in foreclosure court, I decided to hire Amerihope because an attorney friend cleared them with the BBB and the Florida State Bar. My home is now modified and my interest and payment reduced! Shannon over there is amazing and their # is 1-877-882-5338. Good LUCK!

By Laura h
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By Ray
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Ocwen started taking funds for ins escrow, I've always paid my Ins myself. Asked in July and again in Aug why my bill appeared that I've been Paying almost $200.00 more each month than I have ever had to pay. An the modification section showed they modified loan to $98. Less than my original statements, so on paper it "appeared" they were saving us almost $300.00 a month. So like I said Spoke to
Relation ship manager, 7/14 and 8/14, about this and the answer I got was, "that's nothing don't pay any attention to that, why are you worried about that". 9/14 I asked again same answer only it came with an attitude. So turns out this was escrow for ins I already was paying myself. R/M told me to have certificate of proof sent to their Ins dept, did. That the last week of Sept and on Oct 10, 14 they paid my ins anyhow after I also backed out of the Trial Mod. Now they are using that, and I am behind this month only 24 days, against me saying I am 84 days behind. "F" them Ins co sending them a refund check and borrowing g the rest to get
The Mortgage Nazis off our backs.

Hello Mr President? Why are these obvious Predatory Lenders still allowed to conduct Business here in the states? It appears obvious at least to me that neither you, the Atty Gen or the Court care! My Flag now Flies upside down, for my Brother and Sister in this struggle who have no alternative to pay for Ocwen's shady practices!!!! "So Much for Change"!!!
Mr.President "Evil Prevails, when good men do nothing"

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here's a company i found on Facebook that works specifically with Ocwen customers to help them with difficult mods. 2-4% interest rate, aggresive principle reduction


By azir jones
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Ocwen uses Loan mods to bait and switch, they want to forclose your house for a affiliated company that handles rental properties. I was in a trial Mod numbers kept changing. Oh yeah it's a C.Y.A world so bearing that in mind " this is my express opinion, based on my own experiences from the mountains of info I have read on the net"...
Spoke to different lawyers "they"recommended to not to lock in the Mod and get out of it. also file complaint with State Atty Gen Office! Like that's gonna do any good, it's all slanted in Ocwen's favor, they get caught doing something wrong, they get a slap on the wrist like in New York State. They were ordered by the court to Hire. Monitor to make sure they followed the rules! Key part? they hire, how about an independent court appointed monitor? It's in the bag for them...

By Annomous
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we are in the same boat our value is now 144 thou an we owe 194 and we have a balloon payment in 2036 were 53 an 54 years old and we will too never own our home....

in 10 yr we will have paid over 400 thou if we stay here...Ocwen denied us a loan modifacation to lower payments and upped payments 400 dollars after the bk ch 13

By Steve & Christi...
Mary Santos's picture

We have been with Ocwen for a couple of months and have figured out that they are not trying to help us but try to make us loose our house. We have tried to call for a modification since I am now single and have 8 living in the house that are in a financial stump. We have finally caught of with the late fees that they have charged us but now even though we are not late they call every day to say we are behind and that we need to pay now.They keep sending reminders saying they have not recieved our payment but on the website it shows our payment was received and processed on the same time. Please do something to help out all of Ocwen's customers because if you can't help many of families could loose their homes with no where else to go.

Mary Santos
Albudquerque, Nm

By Mary Santos
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Folks, I am in a similar situation with Ocwen. You have to do your homework and by that I mean RESEARCH YOUR MORTGAGE docs that are located at your county clerk's office. Write a letter requesting the original Note to your home and you will most likely discover that Ocwen does not have it. Since they do not, TECHNICALLY they have no legal right (check the laws of governing your state regarding the original Note) to foreclose on your property. They are not the Note Holder and unless they have proof that they can act on behalf of the holder of your mortgage...dispute it and GO TO COURT!!. If your mortgage was recorded with the "MERS"
which stands for mortgage electronic registration system, chances are you can fight to stay in your home for a very long time.

By The Nurse
Hector's picture

"The Nurse"... good point, definitely look at your documents to see if OCWEN has any legal rights.I just wanted to point out that you SHOULD be able to see and download your documents from the OCWEN website - https://www.ocwencustomers.com and under the main menu, go to Loan Documents, there you should see your documents. Once you open them, you should be able to download and save them.

By Hector
Kristine Wilcox's picture

I thought i was alone!!!!!!Thank you !!!!! Same boat in all accounts from above comments... I quit paying... My interest alone is at 7%. Come get it... Please do something about this company... It is a sham

By Kristine Wilcox
Motchaman's picture

My loan was sold to Ocwen by Morgan Stanley. From the start they applied my last payment to Morgan Stanley directly principal, claim it can't be fixed and the following payments since reflect as late 30 days. I've read story after story about how this company forces people into a late status only to foreclose on them. Based on public records, I guess they paid only about 5% the value of my note. Obviously they stand to profit huge gains if they accomplish their evil. Please help stop this company. I've never been so afraid. I'm convinced they really are "that bad". Please stop them!

By Motchaman
Terri's picture

Hi, I have my loan through Morgan Stanley and now it is being serviced by OCWEN. OCWEN stated the investors of my loan does not allow modifications. They said I have no choice but to make loan current or lose house. Does anyone have any suggestions?

By Terri
Jen's picture

Terri, I'm in the same boat as you... Have you found any info that can help us??

By Jen
Terri's picture

Hi, I have my loan through Morgan Stanley and now it is being serviced by OCWEN. OCWEN stated the investors of my loan does not allow modifications. They said I have no choice but to make loan current or lose house. Does anyone have any suggestions?

By Terri
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I process short sales with Ocwen for clients,they do get done.That is definitely your best bet if u can't get mod.
If u don't want to talk to India try asking to be transferred to USA office.Many loans are handled there for short sale anyway.Try it.

By Carol
DONNAMARIE's picture

Carol,That is BS..My husband requested to information to speak to someone in the US and was told by some foreigner that it was due to national security that we could not get any info to speak with someone in the US... But I find it hilarious that my personal info is sent over the internet to foreigners who have no clue whats they are doing... AND they barely speak English..I have found them to be rude and can tell they are reading from a script .. ALL i SEE IS PEOPLE BEING PUSHED OUT THEIR HOMES THAT THEY HAVE WORK THEIR BUTS OFF FOR.. Kudos to you for helping that happen

deecol's picture

Carol,That is BS..My husband requested to information to speak to someone in the US and was told by some foreigner that it was due to national security that we could not get any info to speak with someone in the US... But I find it hilarious that my personal info is sent over the internet to foreigners who have no clue whats they are doing... AND they barely speak English..I have found them to be rude and can tell they are reading from a script .. ALL i SEE IS PEOPLE BEING PUSHED OUT THEIR HOMES THAT THEY HAVE WORK THEIR BUTS OFF FOR.. Kudos to you for helping that happen

By deecol
Carol's picture

I process short sales with Ocwen for clients,they do get done.That is definitely your best bet if u can't get mod.
If u don't want to talk to India try asking to be transferred to USA office.Many loans are handled there for short sale anyway.Try it.

By Carol
Carol's picture

I process short sales with Ocwen for clients,they do get done.That is definitely your best bet if u can't get mod.
If u don't want to talk to India try asking to be transferred to USA office.Many loans are handled there for short sale anyway.Try it.

By Carol
Mike Moynes's picture

Ocwen stole from the escrow account refuse to even answer the states atterny for what they did. they are doing things to drive me to bankrupcy.

By Mike Moynes
Roobi's picture

I have been paying escrow in my mortgage payment for property taxes and insurance only to learn that there is no insurance on the house. When is the government going to do something abou this scam of a company we the people need help now!!!!!!!!!!

By Roobi
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I thought I was almost there got all of the paperwork done made all of the payments on time now I'm being told that my case has been closed because I defaulted on the payment I have made every payment on time and have the reciepts to show I pay throught my bank. HELP these people are killing us. I raised my kids in this house had family gatherings in it good & bad times in it it is home and I want to die in it. these people are trying to take it they dont care ....WE Need Help Where do I go. I live on Social Sec and am medically retired, My money is small but if they would honor the modification as they said originally I could live OK.

By Glen
Holly's picture

THE SAME.....I MEAN THE SAME EXACT THING JUST HAPPENED TO ME TODAY! They closed my case and I have all my receipts and fax transmissions. Looks like I am heading to court. They will not take my home without a fight! I will be praying for everyone effected by this TRASH company!

By Holly
Connie's picture

I applied for a modification after reading about the June 1, 2012 revisions. The guy I spoke with (Of course, in India, Paul Praveen) told me because of the revisions i would probably get qualified. I submitted all documentation (2 or 3 times) and received a website (Ocwen) that i had been approved. For the next six weeks I thought i had been approved for a Hamp loan. Then my husband got involved when we received a one page agreement (very vague). We contacted a lawyer which advised us we should ask for a contract or at least an amortization report. You have to make appts with these people from India. We did, They refused the amortization schedule but did tell us there would be a $37,000 balloon payment plus if we sold the house we would have to give them 25% of the sale. Morons. I am 57 and no moron. I keep dates of calls, notes, who I spoke with, etc. I contacted my congressman and today the Department of Justice. The funny (ha ha) thing is that i was approved for their personal loan modifiction and then denied later for a Hamp. They do not date their letters. They are scammers and i think are predators of people like my and my husband. We have NEVER been in a financial situation until the economy breakdown and then my husband was diagnosed with ocular migraines. He is saving lives by not working is profession (an independent truck driver). We have worked our entire lives and it comes to our golden years looking like this. Obama, your plan is not working, but not your fault, it is the scandalous ways that these companies are taking advantage of the good you did to help people like us. Call me, I will be your "joe the plummer" to show the the fradulent, greedy and scaming ways they are applying your programs. I am not shy. I do not take advantage of programs are available. Our outgoing expenses exceed our income by about $2,000. I finally got a prn job after two years. I got job training thru WIA and was tenantious enough to keep plugging away and of course, my faith and prayer sustained me. I am broken, I used to be in a position where I could loan money to people to needed it. I am one of twelve kids and helped out a lot of them. I am willing to be your spokesperson regardless of the humulilation and embarrassment to get your plan back into place and get you re elected. I believe in paying what i owe but I am going thru a humbling experience which I am the one now needing help. My email is Shift3334@aol.com Contact me, I will help you show part of th reason your plan is not helping. It is the greedy companies such as Ocwen taking advantage of your bail out money. Help me Mr. President, I will even join you for a beer.

By Connie
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someone needs to do something, i too have the same issues with ocwen, i morgage bank chase transfered me to ocwen when i lost my job. ocwen promised to do modification and God is good i got a job but not well paying job as prior and i informed ocwen. last week after i sent them all my documents they called me and told me that i had qualified, but 2 days later they called me and told me that it was a "computer error" and i plus many others had not qualified, since then they have been sending me letters daily and even certified letters telling me i cant qualify because my income is less. please please please mr president help, am a single mother and struggling to make ends meet and dont want to loose my house.

By mercy
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I, like many of you, am in the same boat and OCWEN is just not making it any easier or providing any real help in the situation. I live in Ca and have a loan balance of about $285K, value is somewhere around $180K. I took this loan in 2005 with a company which later sold the loan to JP Morgan Chase., then bundled up and sold as a package to who knows who, I can't even get that answer. It was initially being serviced by Litton loan, then transferred to OCWEN. When I signed the loan, the deed of trust says “Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Uniform instrument” at the bottom of each page, which leads me to believe that it was a Fannie/Freedie loan, which is a fundamental requirement for the HARP program. When I've asked OCWEN about it, they just tell me that the loan is not a Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac loan and that I do not qualify for it, but can't tell me why it isn't a Fannie/Freddie loan any longer.
Have any of you seen similar events with your loans? Have you been able to find out why it is not longer a Freddie/Fannie Loan? Why did it change? They also tell me that I don't qualify for the HAMP programs due to my financials, although I've sent complete applications three times and have been denied each time, each showing that I should qualify. Furthermore, they tell me that I can't reapply for the HAMP programs because it has been denied three times. SO the only thing they will offer is an "in house modification" with a large balloon payment on it.
On a monthly basis it would help some, but not enough to make it worth it, especially considering the balloon at the end.
I also have reached out to them and every time I do I end up speaking with someone of Indian descent, even if I ask for a manager, which is like pulling teeth to get one on the phone, they are also Indian and difficult to communicate with or to understand. Like with most call centers, they have scripted responses and not able to provide any valuable information or assistance. Doesn't anyone hiring Americans that you can have a conversation with? We are all trying to live the "American dream" and own our own homes, but is extremely difficult to do with the state of the economy and housing market, then it's compounded with having to deal with OCWEN.
OCWEN is such a nightmare company to deal with.

Mr. President, if you even know about these letters of frustration that we have all been writing to you, PLEASE do something. These companies find loopholes or any possible way to NOT have to help their customers. We keep getting doors slammed in our faces at every attempt to find help, the last door being slammed is when we're all being kicked out or walk away on our own free will due to the lack of help we've been able to receive.

By Hector "The Fru...
Holly's picture

I too am in the same boat you are and slowly sinking. I hope we can get some type of help.

By Holly
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Dear readers
ocwen has pulled the same bs with us also we were denied hemp program and also maneged to pay them the 8000.00 that was owed as we were told that if we payed everything we owed that we were renstated four months later got a bill for 1200 dollors in fees which we have been unable to pay. now we are currently 2 years later 28 days late on our payment we got hit in this crash also. they all ready sent us a letter saying they are going to take our home. they dont answer there phones and dont work with us on anything scam artist they are because we were told that we were payed up reinstated and didnt owe anything four months later get another bill for 1200 dollors!! is this what hard working americans have to look forwards to does anyone care about anyone they wont even work with anyone. if we have to move out of are home my wife and 4 children will be homeless we just recently had another child she was born deaf and am also stuggling with a mentally handcap seven year old work is slow. afther twenty days late they are going to take are home.

By dory
Angie's picture

They did almost the same thing to me.... and... they took my house. They gave me an amount to pay and I paid it for 6 months then they told me the payment they sent me was wrong and wanted more $$$ I didn't have it all at one time and they told me there was nothing they could do to help me and I was evicted from the home I'd lived in and paid on for 10 years.

By Angie
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I really appreciate the job that you are doing for this country, of which some people just can't understand that taking over where someone else has left off is'nt easy,especially when that person did such a banged up job you have to figure out the head from the tail.Believe me it's hard work trying too hold down two and three jobs and at the same time trying to save face at the same time,it is'nt easy.O'kay that said and done I have a question concerning TAXES. Why is it so hard for the poor and down out people who try and ammend (money that's mine!) their taxes from the government to be told YOUR LOST OUR GAIN! when in fact it's my money and I want it now! So I past the due date too file ,I have a very busy schedule and I can't afford a personal tax person to keep me informed.But don't owe the goverment , they will and do get theirs no matter how long it takes them,and believe me I'm a victim who can't afford to WRITE IT OFF,( if I were rich!) as the well to do can.So please answer this question for me I sure could use that money right about now. Thanks and keep up the good work!!

By terry
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my home is complitely untherwater, I asked ocwen reduction 2times they disqualify me,I bough the house on july 2006 for 250,000 now I still owe 214,000 and the value of the house right now is 53,700, so mrs the president I ask you for your help because I do not want my house go Ilike it, please do somthing for all of us who with ocwen.thank you god bless you.

By menos baptiste
Maddmama238 's picture

My husband and I are 50+to 60+and are trying to keep our home of 30+ years! We are going thru samething everyone else is. I HOPE and PRAY that President Obama Will see to it someone takes care of this cheating company.Before to many more of us loose our homes!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are barely hanging on.

By Maddmama238
marsha's picture

I am in the same boat they are trying to say that can not help me!!!

By marsha
Cherie's picture

Just read online and in the Wall Street Journal that Ocwen stock has increased 249 percent...they've paid off litigants for their shady practices and yet continue their dirty business, probably for their stockholders. I'm in the same boat as all of you and have just been 'denied' a modifcation for documents not submitted, though i submitted them three times. It's so annoying. Does anyone know if President Obama has read these letters? Apparently there is some "concern' by government agencies about Ocwen's "abuse" of their own customers...and the FTC is trying to block Ocwen's acquisition of yet another big company who "services" loans but I don't know if anyone will do anything in time to stop all of us from losing our homes...heck maybe we should take our loan payments and invest in ocwen instead since this appears to be the only way to achieve anything of worth from this worthless company...just kidding...it will be a cold day in hell before ocwen gets another red cent from me. Perhaps we should all just refuse to ever borrow money or use a credit card ever again until someone checks these people...what would the banks do then? President Obama, please help us!

By Cherie
Kathy Murphy's picture

I have read the following post about Ocwen and I am so disgusted right now. I have tried to make payments and they refuse them. I am 2 payments behind due to illnesses and trying desperately to catch them up. I bought this home trying to provide a safe place for my grandchildren to live but I feel like Ocwen is invading my home. When I call to attempt to make a payment all I ever speak with are Indians that all they can say is I am sorry I can not help you or that they understand. THEY DO MOT UNDERSTAND AT ALL!!!!! I am at my wit end and have no idea what to do or to expect. I am so afraid that one morning we will wake up with the deputies there to throw us out. I am living in fear in my own home. Please help me keep my family safe an don't let them take my home.

By Kathy Murphy
Angie's picture

I did a loan modification with them and they gave me a payment amount... I paid that amount for 6 months and then got a call saying they had given me the wrong amount and wanted me to send an additional $2500 immediately.... needless to say they wouldn't work with me. I tried to short sell the house and they wouldn't allow that either. They ended up taking my house from me. Why is there no help for us? What can we do?

By Angie
Scott kurtz's picture

I am reading all these letters and I already knew about there scams because I have been dealing with them since Litton sold my loan to them. I am unemployed but my family has been helping me make the payments. My Grandmother sends them in on time every month. They keep saying we are behind, but we are not. We did not put in for a loan modification yet but they have sent papers saying we requested them. After reading these letters I don't think I will send them in. There has got to be a way to get an HONEST loan modification. If anyone can help please let us know. And President Obama, I voted for you both times because I thought you were concerned for the poor and middle class people of America. You are the President ! If you can't squash dishonest companies like this what is the point of having a government ? Aren't you here to protect people ? I mean no disrespect in any way but people are crying out for help from this company that is preying on people. My house is just about all I have, please help me.

By Scott kurtz
james lee's picture

My loan has been foreclosed on everything I bought my house in 2004 my payments started at 725 and I was always told that when I bought the house that my rate wasn't a fixed rate but I could always change and get refinanced after a few years but my second year my payment went from 700 to 1000. So I get behind and they put me on a loan modification that was a joke all it did was make you further behind in your payments before it was all said and done I was paying 1300 dollar in payments and everytime you modify you get deeper in debt I had to eventually let the house go. Now I see that they have come to an agreement for a settlement from Obama Gmac,Countrywide, and three other big mortgage companies but what about Ocwen customers that went through situations just as bad. I've already lost my house but I wish that Ocwen customers could some kind of acknowledgement of what we went through.

By james lee
Penny M's picture

I am in the same boat as everyone and no need to repeat all of the same details. My question to you is once they started the process and you got a letter stating the same, how long before you actually had to move out,. I have quit making payments and have been told that the foreclosure process has started. I have no intention of keeping this house but just curious on how fast they complete the steps.

Mr President, if you or your associates read these emails, are you happy that this scamming company in India is literally buying the property in USA and jerking the land out from under your tax paying citizens?

Feeling duped

By Penny M
Scott's picture

We fell three months back on our mortgage and when we tried to make one payment they refused us. After submitting and re-submitting paper work for almost six months they told us we didn't qualify for the HAMP program because they were not aware that we did not reside in the property. It was clearly disclosed in the hardship letter. We have been trying to get an in-house modification but each time we make appointment in hopes of getting an answer they tell us they need more time. March of 2013 will be a year since we have been trying to get something done. After reading all of the post it is apparent that they really do want us to lose our property. When I ask them what happens if we can't afford the payments after all these months and the answer was we will be able to help you. I don't understand all of this.

By Scott
Michael Garcia 's picture

I got a notice saying I was approved and rejoiced at the new monthly payment of $708.00 a month. Not a week later got a second notice mod agreement saying that payment will be $2126.55 that used to be $1800.00 under the original loan with a ballon payment of $303,442.86 due at the end!!!WTF is going on ! The property is valued at $150,000.00 right now this is a sick perverse joke!! Is anyone getting any help at all !!

By Michael Garcia
Michael Garcia 's picture

I got a notice saying I was approved and rejoiced at the new monthly payment of $708.00 a month. Not a week later got a second notice mod agreement saying that payment will increase yearly to an undisclosed amount with a ballon payment of $303,442.86 due at the end!!! what's is going on ! The property is valued at $150,000.00 right now this is a sick perverse joke!! Is anyone getting any help at all !! How is this helping if I will never own my house probably won't be able to afford it when I'm an old fart and will get kicked out when I can't make the balloon payment. Unless by then the elderly will be ground up for dog food so won't need a home.

By Michael Garcia
ANITA's picture


ANITA's picture


Terri's picture

What do you mean? I have been trying to get a modification with them but each time, they deny me.

By Terri
Brenda's picture

I am in the same situation as most of the people on this site and there seems to be no assistance from anyone to fight against OCWEN. I have even had Spring Board try to help me but to no avail. They said I didn't not qualify for HAMP or the in-house modification. According to the counselor at Spring Board I do qualify. We have done a three-way conference with OCWEN and their relationship manager said that the deicision was made and there was nothing could be done. We requested documents to see who the lender was and it said private investors and WMC. Which is odd because WMC and Litton was on the original loan which was sold to OCWEN. I looked at my loan documents online and everything shows Litton and WMC.

By Brenda
Kim in PA's picture

I'm in the same sinking boat as all of you. Just got off phone with my relationship manager in India. Nothing more than a puppet trained to answer no to every question I asked. Americans are losing their homes and Ocwen will not do anything to help. I have tried the Hope line. They spoke with Ocwen on my behalf and still the answer is no. When is the government going to step in and help us? The government has turned their back on the middle class working Americans.

By Kim in PA
ANON's picture

I have been reading all the comments about OCWEN and it does sound encouraging. I am currently trying to bet a modification with OCWEN because fail behind in my mortgage. I didn't qualify for the HAMP nor the in-house modifcation. In the process OCWEN has given me the run around. I've made appointments and on the appointed time and date they did not call me but they annotated in their records that they did which is untrue. I contacted HOPE for assistance and they tried to talk to them and informed that I did qualify for in-house modifcation. The counselor and I did a conference call with the relationship manager. The counselor asked them why didn't I quailify and who was my lender. They were very vague and told me that the decision was made and that I could not get a modifcation. I received a letter on the lender and it listed private investor and WMC. I searched MERS and it shows the lender as Bank of New York Mellon. Any advice on how to deal with OCWEN.



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