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Inmate Death : Hunger Strike - Calipatria State Prison

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Hello, My name is Yolanda Moore and I need help. I recently read a news article regarding "Prisoner Hunger Strike Now in 11th Day" dated 10/9/2011.  It is with a heavy heart that would like to inform you of the passing of Mr. Hozel Blanchard. Hozel is the father of my 23 year old daughter Morgan Blanchard. He was a native of Oakland, Ca. Thursday November 10, 2011  I was notified via a brief telephone call  that my daughter's father Mr. Hozel Blanchard had died while incarcerated at Calipatria State Prison.   We received a phone call advising us of his passing, but no information letting us know what happened. Hozel had explained to us in his letters that he was a part of the hunger strike, and his reasons for doing such was because of false accusations, resulting in two recent additional charges that were recently filed against him.   Hozel has been in prison for the past seventeen years.  We have important information about the circumstances and events leading up to his death in letters he wrote.  This information needs to be shared. Hozel feared for is life and made sure that he got word to us that he no longer felt safe. He wrote a letter advising us that he had petition the California Supreme Court; not once, but twice asking for an emergency appeal.  He advised us of the case numbers and dates.  He basically explained to us that his life was in jeopardy and he feared for his life. The family of Mr. Hozel Blanchard would like your assistance in finding out what happened to him, and to make sure that his story is told, and he did not die in vain. My family is devastated and need to know what happened to him under these inhumane circumstances. We are desperate for help, and/or advise as to whom would be best to shed light on this tragedy.   My family appreciates, and needs any assistance you can provide. The family of Mr. Hozel Blanchard would like to find out what happened to him, and to make sure that his story is told, and he did not die in vain. My contact information is attached.  I too am a native of Oakland, but currently reside in Atlanta, Georgia.  I visit the Bay frequently, as my family ties are deeply rooted here. I will be in Oakland next week. Hozel funeral services are Saturday November 17, 20110 Thank you in advance for for your time. Respectfully, Yolanda Moore