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help with not to lose my home

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Dear Mr.President my wife and i might lose our home due to her getting sick and 2 emergencies surgeries, her appendix was about to burst and then a month later her goulblatter had to be removed and i was laid off the same day her appendix fail we called our mortage company to see what our options where they litton loan company the recommended that we do a loan modification they said it would help us but they never did any of the paper work for a whole year now fanny may took all the loans away from litton loan because they have done this to 18,000 people now i am on unemployment my wife is back to work now but is in jeporedy of losing her job. fanny may took all those loans away from them and our loan was sent to a mortage company called green tree services llc in rapid city South Dakota we are behind 3 payments because of litton loans now green tree got our loan january 1 now they want to foreclose on our home if we dont pay the four thousand dollars by april 3 2011. we have never missed a payment on our mortage and think its rediculous that they did this to us, our payments were $1,400 a month litton loan told us to only pay $1,100 a month and we did as they recommended. we dont know what to do about this problem we called every where we have tried to contact oprah to help us out but cant get in contact. we cant get help we need some kind of help from you to save our home my unemployment is going to expire i can not find any work in our area we have 2 kids one in college one in high school please try to help us and take a look into litton loans i dont think they should be able to do this to people please help its getting to the point that we can not by food for our family we lay in bed every night crying my son wants to drop out of college to help us but thats not fair to him if we lose our home my daughter will have to switch schools and shes almost out of high school thats not fair to her because of this and we will have no where to go we will be homeless i dont know what to do anymore. we have no family to turn to and the state of New Jersey says that they have no options for our family. please we need your help or atleast if you can recommend anything for us that will help us at this time. thank you for your time. -Brian from New Jersey-