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Child Support and UNFAIR treatment to Fathers

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Hello President Obama. I know you are a busy man so I want to keep this short. I attended my court date for child support today. When I asked about my VISITATION with my daughter whom I haven't seen now in 1 year, 4 months, He (the man who served my paperwork) simply told me that they do what the "FEDS" tell them to do and that child support and visitation were two seperate things. I resign in Texas and my X and daughter in Kentucky. That is why can't "see" my daughter. I never voted for this "Law" or rule. I am paying my child support and feel as if I am getting nothing out of it. Men go to Jail if they don't pay child support, but of those few men that want their children in their life- we  get mistreated.  Can't you do something that will benift us willing fathers? I am outraged and I think it is UnAmerican. I appreciate it Sir, and I hope you get word of my email to you.  Thank you. -Rob M.   undergroundpredator@yahoo.com


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Hello Mr. President,
    I am writing to you on behalf of my son, who is the father of a terrific 6 yr. old boy, and rarely gets to see him because his former "girlfriend", not wife, will not let him know her phone number or address and is in contempt of court for not doing so. He has now been informed by the State of Wisconsin/Fond du Lac County  Child Services that until he has paid atleast $6,000.00 of back child support he will not be allowed to have his drivers license. Well, my son is $10,000.00 to $11,000.00 behind in his child support payments because he is unable to get a job, now he has been informed that he will not be allowed to get his drivers license until he pays $6,000.00 of his child support! Well, I know for a fact that if my son would've only had his drivers license he could've had any where from 3-4 different jobs and could've had a good portion of that $6,000.00 child support payments caught up by now, besides making the regular monthly child support payments. The mother of my grandson is also not allowing my son his regular child visitation rights, she is constantly either changing her phone number or getting a newer, more updated phone and never lets my son know of her new phone numbers. He's never told of any medical issues or of things that go on within his childs school. Never being included in Parent/Teacher conferences or other activities that his child does or could partake in. It isn't that my son doesn't want to know about things that his son does, it's that the mother of his son refuses to inform of such things, which also makes her in contempt of her court rulings. Is there anything that you can help us with to resolve these problems?


By Mary Pippert
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Hello Mr. President,

  I am writing asking you to please look into child support laws. They are unfair. I agree that fathers and non custodial parents need to be responsible in taking care of their children, but the way the system is set up, the father can never get ahead because of the amout child support takes. In our situation, my husband pays his ex wife 600 a month and we have his son every other week from Thursday to Monday, rotate holidays and six weeks in summer, we have to beg his mother to send him with clothes because we can not afford to spend anymore money on him. My husband pays child support on three other children from second ex wife that may not be his but because he worked out of state and was unable to be in when the court wanted, he can not be given a parurtinty test, so therefore pays child support and never sees them and DHS will not tell him where they are! We have one child together and he is adopting my daughter and we have to go without just to pay child support. Please do something we are just a blended family trying to live our lives and do the right thing.

Thank You

By Michele Baker
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Please help me! I can't even hardly survive do the the amount of child support I pay. And I have no say so at all in my child's life. My daughter wants to play sports, but her mother won't let her. She always is scheduling events on my visitation days. She won't even let her see her grandma or grandpa, a retired police officer of 30u years. Why are the child support laws so one sided?. It ruins so many fathers life's and all the courts say is to bad and raise the support even more. Help! Help! Pleaseeeeee!

By Larry