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Soldier Punished for protecting childs school

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Mr. President,

I am writing you tonight with a sickened heart after reading about a soldier who is getting stripped of his Honorable discharge and fined for doing a fatherly service to his childs school. When can a father not have the right to stand protective over his childs school after the incident at SandyHook. Is this not a free country? He apparently was wearing his Military Fatiques which I think he has every right to do. He earned the right in my opinion. Whether he is active duty or a honorably discharged soldier, he should be able to wear the "uniform" when he damn well pleases. Apparently he was proud of it. But now, I guess he should be ashamed because he is getting fined and being stripped of his honorable discharge. What free country could even consider such an unthinkable punishment? I guess ours. It's bad enough that there are Mass shootings in such places as schools where our children are supposed to be safe, but to strip away a fathers honorable service who protected this country is appauling!! Please stop this madness and allow our fathers do their jobs honorably as well. After all, Mr. Obama, are there any limits to what you would do to protect your children? Please do something about this.

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