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please dont let my familiy fall apart

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Dear president obama to whom it may concern.

My name is arabella . my husband is placed on deportation proceedings . My immigration status is US born and raised in austin tx US citizen .Iv been married to my spouse for the past 6yrs we have 5 beautiful children whom because of his deportation are im praying to god dont stay without their father elias .my husband is a reasponsible loveing man . His children and myself will suffer if my husband is sent back to mexico. Our oldest child is ten and our youngest a baby of 2yr old .I have no idea what im going to tell my children when their father is departed.it breaks my heart for my family to fall apart for him being a migrant worker. He is a great man takes care of his children works and does Not drink or smoke he has a clean back ground good man. He also provides for my mother whom has heppatitis b in her liver . Please help me we have no money lots of expenses .i just want a chance to fix him residant.without him departing.

god bless


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Then you need to go back to Mexico and be with your husband we cant take care of anymore illegals.. go home!!!

By marilyn

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