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Passing the national Sunday law

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Dear Sir;

Please pass The National Sunday Law so that we as Christian can leave this sin curse world.


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Dear President,

People are talking about National Sunday Law being passed and i wonder whether this will really happen. Please, let me know whether your government is considering to pass the National Sunday Law.

Thank you,

Charles Ikitae-Papua New Guinea

By Charles Ikitae
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I have been reading much discerning information about a possible upcoming sunday law. This would be completely against what the Bible teaches us. The Sabbath is the seventh day of the week, NO where does it ever state that sunday should replace it. Just wanted to see if this was a horrible rumor, or yet another blasphemy coming from your administration?

By Trent Lange
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an ENFORCED National Sunday Law is the mark of the beast of Revelation 13. A National Sunday Law will be passed by someone, if not Obama. And no Sunday is not the Sabbath, research The Council of Laodicea. A.D. 336, is when the Roman Catholics of old changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday

By Anonymous
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Dear President;
The gospel is already preached in all the world like the Bible said so you can pass the National Sunday law.

By Florine
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Dear President Obama;
The gospel is already preached in all the world therefore you CAN PASS THE SUNDAY LAW LIKE THE BIBLE SAYS

By Anonymous
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going to church on sunday is totally against what GOD taught and said in the bible. Exodus 20:8-11 and Ezekiel 20:12 and 20:20 is mentions nothing ever about sunday being holy.

By isis
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Dear President Obama;
Can you kindly use your influence, as the worlds most powerful man, to assist the Pontiff with uniting the National Council of Churches in America so the Sunday law can pass. We the saints want to go home!

By Anonymous

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