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Passing the national Sunday law

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Dear Sir;

Please pass The National Sunday Law so that we as Christian can leave this sin curse world.


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Dear President,

People are talking about National Sunday Law being passed and i wonder whether this will really happen. Please, let me know whether your government is considering to pass the National Sunday Law.

Thank you,

Charles Ikitae-Papua New Guinea

By Charles Ikitae
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I have been reading much discerning information about a possible upcoming sunday law. This would be completely against what the Bible teaches us. The Sabbath is the seventh day of the week, NO where does it ever state that sunday should replace it. Just wanted to see if this was a horrible rumor, or yet another blasphemy coming from your administration?

By Trent Lange
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an ENFORCED National Sunday Law is the mark of the beast of Revelation 13. A National Sunday Law will be passed by someone, if not Obama. And no Sunday is not the Sabbath, research The Council of Laodicea. A.D. 336, is when the Roman Catholics of old changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday

By Anonymous
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Ok so ive been hearing alot about the sunday law and even though im just 13 and many people might think kids around my age dont understand or pay much attention well your wrong i am very aware of the problem we are facing. Why would we change sunday to the holy day not everyone goes by those "rules" . I think we should keep it like its been there wherent any problems know this law will cause problems is it really worth making the sunday holy? Well answer to that is NO we should just stick to what we have do we really need consider this i mean there hasnt been any problems with religion cathlecs where fine so where seventh day adventist know by making the sunday holy well i dont think SDA will like that this cant be another struggle for equality but enogh talking my theory was sunday law wont make things better it will make things worst final point i dont think we need a sunday law actualky scratch that i know we dont need that

By amy
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Dear President;
The gospel is already preached in all the world like the Bible said so you can pass the National Sunday law.

By Florine
Gwen's picture

From the start it was written that that day will come and the pope and the US president will have to pass the law.now we as seventhday adventist we know the truth and if from the day u pass it we are not among the living dead.please people dn't go by that law the end is near that is the last sign please come and find the truth,coz they changed from sabbath to sunday and remember that the road that goes to heaven is narrow and the one to hell very wide for everyone.

By Gwen
Anonymous's picture

Dear President Obama;
The gospel is already preached in all the world therefore you CAN PASS THE SUNDAY LAW LIKE THE BIBLE SAYS

By Anonymous
william 758's picture

no where in the bible does it say that sunday is or ever should be the sabbath it is saturday because THE LORD GOD HAS SAID IT IS and what the pope says does not matter you can't change GODS LAWS they are ready tried with the ten commandments and that is wrong are we really there now that people think the pope was given power to change things that GOD MADE LAW i know i sinned but thinking GOD DOES NOT MATTER IN today's world is way wrong and people will learn that real soon but there maybe time to change if not to save you but alot of other innocent people should and could be saved if you don't want to don't lie to the people you were voted in to protect and GOD SAIDS IN THE BIBLE to keep the SABBATH HOLY GOD BLESS ALL

By william 758
Carole Ann Lee's picture

It is not the Day William, it is the fact of taking off one day a week to be with your family...good grief, no wonder the President looks haggard.
I bet you are a Seventh Day Adventist, those people are so insistent on which day was what, and might be stuck dead if they take off on Sunday instead of Saturday. Be grateful for our President...silly.

Heck, take off on Saturday, if you want.

By Carole Ann Lee
Ghost's picture

Picky Pick, I bet you are not a Christian or follow your bible, You don't have to be a Seventh Day Adventist to believe in Saturday as the Holy Day. What about Jews, Muslims, Sabbath Keepers who worship on Saturday as there time of Holy rest. President is a pawn, this is bigger than him, controlled by bigger fish.

By Ghost
isis's picture

going to church on sunday is totally against what GOD taught and said in the bible. Exodus 20:8-11 and Ezekiel 20:12 and 20:20 is mentions nothing ever about sunday being holy.

By isis
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Dear President Obama;
Can you kindly use your influence, as the worlds most powerful man, to assist the Pontiff with uniting the National Council of Churches in America so the Sunday law can pass. We the saints want to go home!

By Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

may God forgive you

By Anonymous
Carole Ann Lee French's picture

And you too.

By Carole Ann Lee ...
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We Know that Saturday is Sabbath, from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday. Yet the Bible says there will be a National Sunday Law, Revelation 13. It is now time for the law to be passed . The gospel is everywhere as a witness and God says He will finish his work, so that people who are in foreign countries that would not allow religious freedom, He would send angels, dreams and many other mysterious ways to complete his work. People are hurting everywhere, the solution let God take over, so Jesus can come and end all this turmoil. CAN YOU KINDLY PASS THE SUNDAY LAW ITS PASS TIME FOR US TO GO HOME, THANK YOU!

By Anonymous
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By Anonymous
Huh's picture

WTF are you nutjobs talking about?

This website terrifies the hell out of me...

By Huh
john seiber's picture

son it should terrifie you to death

By john seiber
ChrisM's picture

More stores should be closed on Sunday. They used to be. I understand with the internet business is now conducted 7 days a week

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By ChrisM
Summer's picture

MAY YOUR SOUL WILL BE FORGIVEN 44th President of United States OF AMERICA !

By Summer
A Brother's picture

Remember guys, if we want Jesus to come back now, we shouldn't be praying for the Sunday Law; we should be praying for a fully surrendered heart (Psalms 34:18, Psalms 51:17, Philippians 2:5) so that God can pour the latter rain (similar to the early rain of Acts 3). If we are waiting for a crisis to hit to spring us into action then it would be too late. As in the story of the ten virgins (Matthew 25), we need extra oil now, not at the time of the crisis when it would have been too late.

By A Brother
Pauline's picture

None of us can hasten Almighty God prophecy, so to my sister who istasking telling the President to pass the law, there will be No Starless Crowns in heaven . These stars represent the souls for Christ Kingdom. Our focus is to be a heart wrenching, soulsearching in the presence of God daily and plead for Holy Spirit and Get Out and WITNESS. WE ARE CALL TO SERVE.

By Pauline
solomon's picture

hello MR President..please don't have ur heart to the devil and weather i pass the law or not Jesus Christ is coming again soon and please don't let the Romans used u okay .....

By solomon
John Robert's picture

You want to know WHY this world is sin-cursed? It's US! I dont mean US us I mean HUMANS! We destroy animals homes and murder and start wars and make BIG DEALS OUT OF EVERYTHING EXCEPT FOR THE ACTUAL BIG DEALS!! Every year, between 200 or 2,000 animals die, really? Without THAT, the world would be BETTER!

By John Robert
Jasper's picture

James 4:17

By Jasper
Ryan 's picture

There should be no no Natioanl Sunday Law because God rested on the Seventh Day.

By Ryan

Thank you for shortening the end days for us.

Carole Ann Lee French's picture

No comment...Google it!

By Carole Ann Lee ...
Carole Ann Lee French's picture

At least for me, unless I was in survival mode of which I have always been, Sunday has been a day of rest. Even when I was working I took a little time to rest, usually in my bed, something some don’t have. Thank you for reading.
BTW I am 64 years old, be grateful for everyday we wake up.

By Carole Ann Lee ...
Amanda J's picture

Saturday is the day of rest. Long before the Jews God created the Sabbath during creation. It was made for all man kind. It is the holy day to worship our creator. That is why the fourth commandment says to Remember to keep the Sabbath day holy. God knew people would forget, because of the devil deceiving people. Read Revelation 13 and 14 the Mark of the Beast is Sunday worship. The Roman Catholic Church is the beast the image is the Apostate. Please my friend before it is to late go to Amazing Facts website. Sign up to take the free bible course, and have a change of heart. I pray that the holy spirit will speak to you, and everyone else attending church on Sunday. Please attend on Gods day Saturday Sabbath.

By Amanda J
Amanda 's picture

Saturday is the Sabbath. The Ten Commandments God said to rest on the Seventh day. By passing the Sunday Law people will be misled. There is still so many precious souls that needs to hear the correct Gospel. To be honest in my church there has been many that has come from out of Babylon. Do not pass this law the Roman Catholic Church is the beast. Read Revelation 13 and 14. But lets not forget the law has to be passed then the end will come. I pray that more people will follow Jesus go to church on Saturday instead of Sunday. The pure woman is a pure church sticking to the bible. The true church is the Seventh Day Adventist church. No matter when the Sunday law is passed my soul will worship Jesus not the so called God false prophet beast driven Pope.

By Amanda
Facts n Truth 's picture

God wrote the Ten Commandments in stone. And He wrote them with His own hand. ( You've heard the term,- "Written in stone haven't you ! ?. That is a saying that is used when we are saying that it is to last "Forever" ) And He ( God )
said that NO man has the authority to "Add to or Remove from" His words. And He said that UNLESS Heaven
AND Earth are passed away that His words are to stand.! ( Fact - the Earth is still here.)
Where the true Biblical Ten Commandments ( All ten as they are in the Bible ) have been displayed they
have caused tension and or even been removed. But where the incomplete or unbiblical ten commandments
have been displayed, ( as displayed by "Some" churches have done) they have been left alone.
that "Man" ( The Catholic church in this case ) has changed the true Sabbath from "Saturday" to "Sunday" They them selves say so.
That is simply and factually going against Gods word and His will. There for choose for your self, follow man, or follow God.- If you choose to argue against my words here. Please don't make a cheap shot. And don't be argumentative unless you want the TRUTH. Because what I have told you is Factual, so if you disagree please tell me where and what truth/ Facts you disagree with. And AFTER you Google the truth. Remember, if you break 1 link in a chain - you broke the whole thing because what ever the complete chain was holding , it is now broke and can not hold any more.
"The Sunday Law " ? Yes its coming, it has been foretold by God to show us that His return is Very near. Man
will try to force us to worship or rest or go to Church on Man's chosen day. God has never "Forced" us, God gives
us our free will to choose. Please consider my words AND Google "The Sabbath" so that YOU can make a informed choice. God Bless.

By Facts n Truth
ledua kadavu's picture

Thank you Mr. President for passing the national Sunday law ..... before u were born GOD knew that this particular country will pass the Sunday law and will enforce it world wide...." YOU ARE THE BEAST THAT CAME OUT OF THE EARTH" ...[ REV 13]- It says , that the second beast that rises up from the LAND will listen to first beast which rose up from the SEA.... THANX

By ledua kadavu
Me's picture

Thanks guys fr all that...av learnt alot from ua comments, I have nothing to say about the Sunday law but I feel the end time is near and christ is soon coming to reap the world. Be blessed and lets keep watch as we pray fr each other

By Me

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